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We are going here in an article today on the subject of my talk is purely . Lies in the vision of the future to trade Forex , known to trade foreign exchange . And we’ll talk about shortcomings in Forex , in addition to the problems faced by many traders , and the types of participants in the market and risk , and the impact of trade in modern technology . For this article , what is the only topic of my talk , and display different views of nothing else.
The most serious flaws and shortcomings in Forex Trading
We have several categories of risks for traders in the Forex market , namely the inability to innovate in this market and the inability to respond quickly to changes in the market. As soon as we heard of the event or the issuance of a story Prices start changing trends in a matter of seconds , was a shrug human response to these variables , the same speed , but if he has a hunch advance the possibility of occurrence of the event and can merchant that creates this kind of intuition through in-depth study of the market The study variables surrounding it. And in the opposite direction , the breadth of the network in the market and the ability to quick access to news, in addition to the liquidity in the market giant Ikunan Bmjmuahma basic features and a major force for this market , this force, which distinguish it from other markets .

Forex traders problems
Forex traders problems
Some of the problems faced by novice traders
When it starts new dealer trade in the market sees that every deal opens lose a sum of money , which is aware of the difference between the sale price and the purchase price , if he wanted to buy a pair you’ll buy it at a higher price than if he wanted to sell it , because he has to pay the difference between the selling price and acquisitions ( spread ) to the forex broker , they surprised the first to show a loss in their account when they open a particular transaction , and the loss of direction Almaaki not exceeding a limited number of points , easily replaceable in seconds once the market about the progress of the case the expected direction .
Innovation in Forex
The development and innovation is one of the main foundations that underpin market Forex Trading , Without the technology to found Forex Trading trafficking , especially on a personal level . But some say that there is no development in the trading of currencies , but contend that the market reached saturation in terms of the degree of development has been reached to facilitate trading through a mobile phone. But who knows , there was no one expects an online presence before fifty years . Perhaps there are new inventions , for example Google reviews that help people to control their accounts through electronic considering their own eyes . It has traders can place orders in the future buying and selling through the eye without the need to open their computers and wait for a certain period until you start working , every second is important in this trade , it opens the way for an opportunity or blocking the road in front of unrealized loss . And other inventions that the Forex market can be used to obtain solutions to various problems .
If we look back in the history of Forex Trading , we can see a wide range of new entrants to the market , including proprietary platforms offered by brokers ECN systems and conversation …. Etc. . These changes that occurred during the short period of time , and should not be considered as a wave and got over. Quite the opposite of this wave has opened the way for the development of solutions to support the market to overcome the various challenges

Forex Solutions

In the end, it should be pointed out that hard in this world is one thing to change. As it will not be nothing left on what is only the Almighty Creator , it is worth mentioning the need to anticipate many of the variables in terms of the market, because the participants will stay around trying to find possible solutions to the various problems in the market for currency trading .